What Bridal Bouquet Shape Suits You?

In this post we take a look at the four most popular bridal bouquet shapes to help you choose the right style for your perfect wedding look.

The Formal Posy

What is it? A perfectly compact round shape usually consisting of one variety of tightly packed flowers – roses are a popular choice for this style.
Will it suit me? This is a great option for the bride who wants to give a fairly traditional wedding day a simple, modern slant – bridesmaids often carry a smaller identical or contrasting version.

The Teardrop Bouquet

What is it? An inverted teardrop with the flowers arranged in a rounded, posy shape tapering down towards a point – generally a mixture of traditional flowers are used such as roses and lilys.
Will it suit me? This is the classic bridal bouquet shape and is best suited to traditional church weddings or for taller brides.

The Hand-Tied Rustic Posy

What is it? A fairly loose, informal shape often simply tied with ribbon or raffia – best suited for summer or rustic style weddings using any array of seasonal flowers.
Will it suit me? Brides who like an understated, contemporary look on their special day will love this style.

The Freestyle Over Arm Bouquet

What is it? It can be anything from a huge, loosely-tied bouquet to just two or three blooms arranged so it can be nestled in one arm and not clutched with both hands.
Will it suit me? This individual style is becoming increasingly popular as the bouquet can be designed to suit any style of wedding – works particularly well for 1920’s inspired weddings when made using arum lilys.


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